Missile Silo fixer-upper for sale

8.7 acres at the northern tip of the Adirondacks



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      That’s not something you see every day…

      What are your guy’s thoughts on this? I would live in an old missile silo. I think it is super cool and would definitely want to check it out. I think that $600K is a bit much though. 

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      I would ask my doctor for five tetanus shots before I moved in… That place looks so rusted over.

      I can see a prepper wanting to buy it for their underground nuclear bunker, but I wonder what their plan is for fresh air when everything is radioactive. Sure it has a good ventilation system now, but do you have tons of air filters to filter out the fallout if bombs were dropping?

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      Now that’s a wild spot. What an insanely big project that would be. Look at the price history though, it’s gone up 6x this year. At the pre-2020 valuation it might be worth the effort.

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      Is the fixer-upper for a dwelling or a tomb ?

      From the prepper perspective, gamma rays are less important to protect against than are CRISP-R mosquitoes. 

      Instead of getting a highly-taxed piece of real estate in high-tax New York, just load up on mosquito netting and DDT type of products. 

      Nuc warfare is less of a thread than biowarfare. A coronavirus is generating more preparedness activity than the older nuclear worries.

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      IMO, living in an underground bunker is not a viable method of surviving a SHTF crisis.  Not only is it unhealthy physically but also mentally.  Humans were not meant to live underground.  We are hardwired to be outside in the sun & fresh air.  I spent a few years in the Air Force, where I worked 24 hour alerts underground in a Minuteman Missile Launch Control Center.  Even with everything working normally and constant maintenance, it could be tough staying down there just for a day.  I can’t imagine months.

      For the money they are asking and for the huge amount of money (much more than the asking price) to bring it up to a livable standard, one could purchase a really nice piece of rural land, with house, outfitted with solar to be off the grid, and years worth of stored food.  For the yearly cost to maintain that silo, you could hire a farm hand to run the property.  That to me is how you survive.

      Also, for what it is worth, full blown nuclear war is old school, IMO.  Most everyone now understand no one survives such an exchange & no one wins.  The bigger danger is a rogue nation or organization either setting off a dirty bomb in a large city, which would be localized, or of them setting off a super EMP weapon in the atmosphere.  That is surprising easy to do, with an organization using a tactical missile (think widely available Scud) launched from a freighter offshore, or by a nation such as North Korea using one of their ICBMs.  They scare me.  They have the EMP weapons, the missiles with the range & a leader that would use it in an instant if attacked.  MAD, mutually assured destruction, which has kept us from nuclear war with Russia, doesn’t apply with that country.   In either of these scenarios, a bunker would be of little or no use.  Having a rural retreat, with plenty of food, water & the ability to become self sufficient would allow the best chance of survival.

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        I agree with you Redneck, I would much rather have 50 acres, a nice house, and everything with a homestead vs living underground in a rust tube.

        Still, if I had like 3 million dollars it would be fun to try and fix that thing up. I’d gut it all out, put in a hydroponics system with grow lights, make some really cool rooms like a theater room and a prepping room, and have an underground pool on one of the levels.

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      Yikes, that would be fun to explore, but between the rust, asbestos, lead paint, and god knows what other toxic goodies, spending any significant time in there would be like the opposite of prepping.