Low round count drills for measuring your shooting proficiency

Just wanted to post up this page of drills from the guys over at T-Rex arms, these drills are a great way to measure and track your proficiency in different areas without burning much ammo at all. They have a downloadable PDF for every drill that includes the instructions and a scoring chart for determining your hit factor. These are not so much “pass/fail” drills as they are tools to measure your own performance and keep track of your improvement.

All of them require 50 rounds or less, and don’t take very long to run, although they test a wide range of skills during the run and are a very efficient use of training ammo and time. I encourage anyone to give them a try and see how you do, then use those results to help refine what you need to work on and improve for next time.

If you need an area to be able to shoot these drills on, I encourage you to look for WMA ranges or BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land near you. Many WMAs have public shooting ranges that are either free to use with a hunting license or have a very small fee. BLM land is even better to shoot on as it’s often less trafficked and can provide more wide open areas to shoot in. As with anything just be smart about when and where you choose to shoot on public land.

T-Rex Drills


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      Those look great! Thank you for sharing them, I haven’t gone shooting in forever and doing one of these drills might be a good way to get back into it.

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        No problem, glad to share.They’re great drills for working on a wide range of skills; headshot accuracy, target transitions, shooting on the move, etc. With ammo still at ridiculous prices you have to make the most of every round when you do go train. 

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      This style of shooting is fairly unusual in the UK unless you take part in “practical shooting disciplines” such as “practical shotgun” competition etc.

      Almost all of my shooting is done using bolt action rifles on live quarry. In the UK the handguns are mainly restricted to the purpose of humane dispatch unless you’re in an approved gun club or re-enactment society. These drills are unfortunately not really appropriate to my firearms or situation.

      In my world there there isn’t room for missing a shot or bad groups, if I’m not absolutely sure of a safe shot resulting in a clean kill I don’t even chamber a round..50 rounds wasted on a range is a complete anathema to me.. If I were to fire more than 5 rounds in an entire night of shooting it would be unusual purely because I am proficient