Looking for Miami area community- hurricanes, zombies, Liechtenstein invades, whatever…

My impetus for prepping is now more or less 4-fold: building mental fortitude, getting physically fit, being as minimalist-savvy as possible- wild edibles, field craft, etc.- and building and maintaining a community. I need others for the last, of course, so I’m reaching out to any in the Miami area. I just got out of a shop & into a storage unit, and after only 2 days there, it looks like I may have trouble with management, who don’t even know about all the food I have, but smelled something funny (I smelled it myself, you can probably guess what) and thought it was me. In short, living out of a van & storage is almost as illegal as being homeless, and it’s only going to get worse as CC forces people out of homes. Having a national group for help  and advocacy would be great, but I’m looking for others here, for now. Tried to get to Ham radio Meetup 2 months running, will get there next month. Anyone in the area who wants to share ideas, get coffee, go to the beach, start a Meetup, whatever, let me know.


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      Your 4 fold plan looks pretty solid. Those are good goals to set and work on. 

      In regard to your last point and goal of this forum post to find other preppers in the Miami area, I just wanted to give you a heads up that in the past other users have created forum posts on here wanting to find a community in X city. I hope you have a whole bunch of people messaging you and find what you need, but other attempts have resulted in little success from what I’ve seen. 

      That being said, The Prepared has a few guides that can give people some ideas on finding some rational prepping people to build connections with.

      CERT training: Community Emergency Response Team

      List of training centers near you

      Why you should share your prepping and recruit others

      Can I ask what you mean by “CC forces people out of homes”? I’m not familiar with what CC stands for.

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        Sorry for the delay, I read down to the links… CC is Climate Change, and it’s one of many challenges we face- there’s an old MIT study, 1972, that found if we continue BAU (business as usual) we would face widespread societal collapse by or around 2040. That didn’t even take Climate Change or a pandemic, or decline in sperm count & motility into account, all of which we’re experiencing! It was revisited lately and found to be going along as predicted. May you live in interesting times. Buckle up!

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        That makes sense! I totally agree that climate change will impact how and where people live and will force many out of their current homes.

        I often see maps of the Florida coastline and predictions of what it would look like if global temperatures would rise. Look at the below prediction of a 2.7 degree F increase. Miami is gone!

        Screenshot from 2021-12-07 11-38-46

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        Gideon thank you for the link share. As a Floridian myself I have several times looked at the predictive models on sea rise and all had shown my location as safe. However in this link I can see where I live in north FL is barely on the corner of a picture possibly in the flood zone. What is interesting and frustrating is how models differ and even when using reputable sources it is difficult to know which is accurate by the level of rise and WHEN the rise happens. This one shows a prediction of 2100 which I would think might have a greater margin of error (either positive or negative).

        I know it seems the standard to assume that all of Florida is dangerous and someone reading this might think I’m stupid for not leaving especially with hurricanes, but I’m in a location that hasn’t had a direct hit hurricane in 80 years, with the most we get is tropical force winds. I’m also not in a flood zone, yet anyhow.

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        Many years ago, during the Paleozoic period, north Mississippi was a beach.  Looks like I might have beachfront property again one of these days.  🙂