Looking for a shell jacket

I am looking for an outer shell that I can use potentially for a BOB but more so for hiking in inclement weather. I prefer low-key colors like gray, olive, or brown. I’m fine with saving if some of the more pricey options are worth the money. Any suggestions?


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      Good morning Marcus,

      A couple of us have mentioned successful experience with the old Army M-65 field jacket – solid OD field jacket of Fidel Castro style.

      The West German army’s version had inside pockets great for BOB stuff. Just add a cargo vest to inside of US jacket.

      I added a storm hood and inside jacket goose down vest.

      A can of water proofing spray used on my jacket and hood.

      Had substituted the jacket’s zipper pull for a length of max test ocean fishing line coiled into a new zipper pull. Also added a lanyard with attached whistle.

      All draw strings (made of elastic cord) on jacket substituted by the same zipper pull 107 lb test fabric braided fishing line.

      The last version before the US Army changed over to the new, even more improved ones also had a nylon hood inside the zipper of collar. I used this stuffed hood for a small pocket to put some things in. Since next to body / center of gravity, any extra nominal weight is not even noticed.

      These jacket just cant’t wear our and they’re inexpensive.


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      So if its going to be a BOB jacket and in subdued colours I suspect you are thinking about tactical movement in order to get to where your going.

      One thing I picked up on in my time as a soldier is to get an outer shell ( multi pocketed)  that is VERY low rustle, IE  when its worn it does not make any noise.  So that often means NO GORETEX as some goretex products are very noisy, as are a few other types of hydrophilic fabrics.

      Also NO VELCRO ( Hook ^ Loop fasteners) as they are also very noisy when opened, I call them target finders as you can hear velcro being opened and closed from up to 50 plus yards at night.

      So my first choice is an aftermarket SAS Smock, its made of ultra tight weave fabric and sprayed with TX10 fabric waterproofer.


      In Urban areas I use a modified (extra pockets and straps)  Micro fleece linen, black Soft shell again with the Velcro removed and either Press Studs or Canadian slotted buttons.

      Clothing Jacket Arcola Tactical Soft Shell

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        Good morning Bill,

        Had thought it was this threat but a 20 minute search didn’t find what I was looking for.

        Somewhere at forum, you had written “cape”.

        What is the current British English meaning of cape ? Here, it’s not much in use at all.

        Any field clothing example(s) ?

        Thanks in advance.

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        Sorry Bob I dont remember writing anything about a Cape, They are certainly unseen in the UK since the 1960s , The only people I can think of wearing capes are the Italian Caribineri???

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        Good morning  Bill,

        Understand; no problem.

        It’s probably me not remembering the author of word and in what thread.

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      Probably not what you are looking for, because it’s a girls coat 👧🏻, but I bought this at Sierra Trading Post and it is an excellent lightweight waterproof shell. It even has taped seams. It’s by a company called Boulder Gear.