Little work light that pulls very few watts

Each time I have to actually use my preps, in a real world situation, I find things that need to be done differently than I originally thought & I find things I need to add to my preps.  In the past several weeks, I’ve had to deal with two separate, multi day power outages at my mother in law’s.  After the first event I added a Mr. Heater 30,000 BTU LP gas heater and it worked incredibly well at the second event last week.

I noticed, even with my two solar generators & several rechargeable Goal Zero lanterns, that I could use some extra lighting that would be flexible, bright & pull very little watts.  During these events, I would use the solar generators to power lights & devices when the generator wasn’t running, such as overnight or when refueling.  I found the lighting around my mother in law’s house would really drain the solar generators.  Nothing they couldn’t handle but it gave me some concerns.

So after the first event I ordered these little mini LED work lights from Amazon for $13 each with free Prime delivery.  They didn’t come in before the second event, but they did come in today.  They are very highly rated on Amazon, and I can see why.  They are small, lightweight & the legs can be manipulated to point it anywhere, or you could hang it by the handle.  They are very bright at 1000 lumens yet only pull 11 watts.  That means 9 of these would pull the same power as one 100 watt incandescent bulb.

I think these could be very helpful for folks planning on running some devices off of battery units, such as solar generators or the like.  These last outages during freezing weather brought home some points to me.  You can always use more lighting and being cold for long periods ain’t fun.  I have adapted my preps accordingly.

worklight 1

worklight 2

worklight 3


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      These look really cool! Do they feel sturdy enough to have them laying around? I was thinking they’d be great in my car for when I go camping.

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        Do you also have a link or should I just search for mini led?

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        The last picture in my post is actually a link to Amazon.  Click on it & it will take you to the light.

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        Oh got it thanks! Yes it works.

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        Actually, they do have a very solid, firm feel to them.  I think the metal handles help there but the plastic case is solid too.  It most certainly feels like a work light… not some toy.

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        Very good to know, I like that they have metal handles.

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        I wouldn’t have ever bought something like this unless I heard first hand from someone that it is solid and not a toy. Certainly looks like a toy…

        Thank you for the review, I will pick one up as well and add it to my supplies. My garage is dark when the sun goes down so having this as a work light would be nice. 

        Is there various lumen settings? Like a low, medium, and high? If not, I could try installing a dimmer switch to limit the current to the light and be more energy efficient at lower brightness levels. I know some LEDs don’t play nice with dimmer switches and instead flicker without the required current, so there’s a 50/50 chance it may not work.

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        Looking at the Amazon listing, there is only an on/off switch and does not have various settings. 

        I do like that it has a color temperature of 5000K daylight. The warmer colored light is much nicer to work in than harsh cool blue LEDs.

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        Yep, just an on/off.  I’d say it is much more durable than the standard, cage work light with bulb.  It is also much more flexible in how & where you position it.

        And I thought the same looking at it.  I would have though it was a toy or some piece of junk.  I’m sure you can find better but not at this price.  I’ll be curious what you think when you get it.