List of training centers near you

Your brain is the best tool you have when dealing with emergencies. The more knowledge you have, the less stuff you need, and the more confidently you
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      Programmes Coyote Based outside of Montreal Quebec ( EN / FR ): Primitive skills, family programs, youth programs and adult survival programs.

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        Thanks, added!

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      I’d suggest Landmark Learning in Silva, NC.  Good selection of first aid offerings.


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      John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC (far western N.C.) classes year round.

      Annual Weekend events – Heritage Life Skills in Waynesville, NC, and Prepper Camp in Saluda, NC.

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      Hello! Do you have any recs for in-person or online classes (but I prefer in-person) related to urban/suburban survival? 

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      Is anyone aware of any training programs or groups in the Oklahoma City area? Ugh…you’d think we’d have some resources but we didn’t even make the list! 😑 Thank you!