Liberator Rocket heaters for your home

Does anyone have/know about rocket heaters for your home?  Liberator is the only one l’ve found any info on that is certified.  Does anyone have one?  Know if they really work?  Any info?  Thanks.  Have a totally electric house and hoping to find an alternative heat source.  


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      I have heard of outdoor rocket stoves before that are primarily designed for cooking, but have not ever seen an indoor rocket heater before this one. 

      I think most people use wood stoves for alternative indoor heating, but as that guy points out on his site, his rocket heater design is supposed to be more fuel efficient. I’d like to see a comparison of his rocket heater vs. different wood stoves in the same price range and see which uses more fuel, and what puts out the most heat.

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        I have a friend who uses a rocket stove to heat his greenhouse over the winter.