Just wishing everyone a merry Christmas.

I believe life is short, and  I think celebrating it as much as we can is a good thing.  Reguardless of your religion, political beliefs or ideologies I hope everyone here has a chance to be with the ones they care about and can enjoy a good meal together this holiday.


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      Thank you for the kind words. 

      And I hope you all have a great holiday season the next few days. You all have been wonderful friends to me, and I have learned so much from you all. 

      Thank you for always building each other up and providing a safe and comfortable place where everyone can talk about prepping. 

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        It really is good to have a place for sane like minded people to get together with ideas and experiences.  Especially with prepping many tend to go off the deep end, tin foil hats and Rambo wannabes.  Of course many have questioned my sanity in my lifetime so who am I to judge, lol.

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      Oh, one thing to be grateful for is Publix has standing rib roast on sale for 5.49$ a pound.  That’s more than half off the regular price, with no limit.  Let’s just say my freezer would barely close.  I may die of clogged arteries but at least I’ll die happily!

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        That sounds like quite the deal! ENJOY!

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        I am truly greatful that I have steady income and plenty of food to eat.  I have worked hard my whole life to get to the situation I am in right now.  But I know there are many that have worked hard as well and have lost everything during this pandemic.  There is a part of me that almost feels guilty for being as well off as I am.  All I can say is to try and remember to help those that aren’t as fortunate as you are, especially during the holidays.  I donate to the local food bank pretty regularly as I can’t think of anything that helps people more than feeding them.

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      Christmas for me is about taking the opportunity to spend quality time with family, and exchange gifts to show each other we care. We should probably do it a lot more than once a year. 

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      Thank you Dog lover for wishes.  Let me join you in hoping all forum participants are upbeat re holiday.

      Virginia is in an additional temporary lockdown (Executive Order 72).  The upbeat news is the Governor added a subparagraph clause “h.” allowing for ’round the clock travel by those members of charitable and responder type groups.  I volunteered for standby activation in case of need.  We had a severe windstorm only hours ago and next 2 nights are a chilly cold front.

      We’ll all get through this. We’re not at Valley Forge or Hong Kong 1941.

      Again, joining Dog lover in wishing all a merry and safe holiday.

      Wuf, wuf, wuf. 

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        No doubt this has been a challenging year for most and the impact from the virus and restrictions aren’t over yet.  I was thinking earlier about how many generations were doing their best to celebrate over the holidays during wars and other challenges too.  I’m thankful it hasn’t been worse than it’s been.  One thing I’ve figured out in life is if you go to bed with a full belly then it’s not so bad.  Always look at the positives we have in life.

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      Thank you, Dog lover! That’s such an apt and nice message. We were able to have a nice, safe holiday with good food— my mom, my partner, my dog, and me, all holed up together at my mom’s house for the last four weeks. I hope you had a good holiday, too!