Is there a place for memorabilia, family heirlooms and keepsakes during any bug out scenario?

Before I found TP and started prepping seriously, I spent years making various attempts at emergency preparedness by using a combination of various websites and my own thinking. (When push came to shove it turned out that I was completely unprepared and that’s when I went looking for a better resource.)

During that time, I had seen some bug out lists suggesting that we take precious family keepsakes with us if we had to bug out.  Then I found TP and the advice here is forget the keepsakes. If you have to flee from a wildfire you need to focus on saving your and your loved ones’ lives. Besides, what are you going to do with an album of family pictures if you have to go on foot? Upload the pictures to the internet and leave the originals at home. Etc. Accordingly, the TP BOB lists don’t make any mention of keepsakes.

But now I’m revisiting that guideline. I’m wondering if there is a place for important family objects and/or pictures in some bug out scenarios? What if we’re leaving early, well ahead of the disaster? Might we assume that we’re not going to be forced to walk? Might it make sense to have a plan to grab some precious items? If that’s so, it seems to me that this is better planned ahead.


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