Is there a more updated survival manual than the 8 year old SAS Survival Manual?

I see you are still recommending the “SAS Survival Manual” for the best reference. It’s 8 years old. There are a lot of changes in that time. From advances in technology to assessments of risks because of changes in civilized (or UNCIVILIZED) world. I would be surprised if there isn’t a more recent source.


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      Some books age better than others. For example, a computer textbook written 8 years ago is pretty much only good as a history book now because everything is outdated and useless. But with survival, many things like how to start a fire or hunt for food is the same as it was 2000 years ago.

      The SAS survival handbook is a guide written by a former member of the Special Air Services (SAS) which is a special forces unit of the British Army. Of all the “survival” books that I have read, it is the most complete and accurate that I’ve come across. 

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        Only eight years old?  That is just yesterday.  Still one of my useful references is Thee Survival Book, by Nesbitt, Pond, and Allen, published in 1959.  It has much useful data, much of which is derived from WWII survival experiences.

        Now some of their discussion is dated and not as useful as before, but much of it is as pertinent now as it was then.  Signal mirrors are still effective and defenses against shark attacks still work.

        Yes, we now have PLBs and GPS; helicopters are more common, but the basic principles still rule.  Gadgets may come and go, but what you have in your head and your heart will still primarily determine the outcome.

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      Take the SAS survival manual as your core guide, and then do additional research on how you can implement newer technologies to assist you. Like using a drone for surveillance, or some new camp stove technology that is much more fuel efficient.

      Most of the SAS manual should still be relevant.