Iodinated Providone for water treatment

Is 10% Iodinated Providone the same as “normal” Iodine for water sterilisation?

i.e. can I dilute the 10% solution to 2% and use a few drops per quart/litre?

I use it at work, so it would be handy to know.



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      I don’t have any experience with that but apparently it’s possible: https://www.wildmedcenter.com/povidine-iodine-solution.html

      I also found a research paper about it https://www.wemjournal.org/article/S1080-6032(10)00301-7/pdf

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      That is excellent, thanks for finding that.

      From the scientific paper, it is saying 20 drops/litre, and at least 15 minutes with room temperature water. (correct me if I have misread).


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        although that other website says 4-6 drops and wait 30 minutes.

        I think I’d go at go at least 6 drops for 30 minutes, and longer (2 hours?) in an area with Giardia or similar (at room temperature, longer in the cold etc)


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        Boiling is probably faster, depending upon the volume and yur stove, and extremely effective. Just bring to a boil and cool gradually.

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        Good point, but sometimes you don’t have access to a stove so it’s useful to know about other methods of disinfection. As a practical example, I remember using disinfecting tabs when hiking and didn’t have either a filter or a camping stove to boil water (now I have a filter but I still carry some tabs, just in case).

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        i carry at least an Esbit tab and a holder (light and easily improvised) routinely. On any overnight, a canister stove and the means to build a fire.  All lighter than a filter.

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      Yes, there are many methods to sterilise water, I was checking that the Iodinated Providone would also do the trick.

      it’s a chemical I have at work, so provides another option. Along with chlorine, boiling, etc etc