Interview with Bill Gates on what we should prepare for next

Great video picking the brain of one of the smartest men in the world. Bill Gates is such an interesting man and really puts so much of his time and money into good causes. He doesn’t just donate money to causes, but reads 50 books a year, and looks for new solutions to issues we face today and ones that are coming down the road.

What are your thoughts on what Bill Gates says? What do you think the next thing we should prepare for individually and as a society/human race should be?


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      Well Mr Gates is no mans fool, he is clearly very astute like Mr Musk and Mr Bezos etc, I believe many of his community have invested heavily in prepping and self reliance / self sufficieny. Listening to him and others as connected as him I’m leaning towards major societal change / economic collapse, to what degree I have no idea.   So I cannot pinpoint One or Two specific issues so I believe we should all be trying to be as self sufficient and prepared for multi contingencies as best we can.

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      Go to Amazon and type in Gazetteer and your state. I’m in Texas and used to travel to rural schools for years. I wore out at least 4 of these before GPS came along. 🙂 You can’t always depend on a phone signal or internet in the boonies!

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      Only addressing individual preparedness; not society/human race;

      The basics on the outline govern.  It’s a combination of knowledge and stuff. An individual … includes family/group as appropriate … requires water and food. An individual must develop a sturdy background re health care to include treating injuries and illnesses. Knowledge and tools plus materials for dwelling repair gets a Roman numeral. Preparations for an evacuation – across the street or into the vast area past the convenience store – is on list.

      The rest are the refinements to above.  Private citizens can’t so readily change from a gamma ray protected dwelling to one not safe against a “dirty bomb” but protects against mosquitoes. In other words, do the best with what’s available and augment based on budget. 

      FEMA doctrine is “Prepare for realistic, worst-case scenerios”.

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      I’m facinated by Mr Bezos and Gates plus many of the other Dot Com guys buying millions of acres of land and buying / building many secure retreats  as BOLs.   I cannot help but wonder what they fear is over the horizon.  Either way it was enough after I read dozens of articles from respectable media sources to make me massively increase investment in my own preps.

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        Oh how nice it must be to have millions of acres… I’d be happy with just 10! haha 

        One day i’ll have my 10!

        -Be Prepared-

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        We can dream Robert but after TSHTF perhaps there will be plenty of land for us to adopt 🙂

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        Don’t forget that Bill also has the largest ownership stake in Canadian National Railway. He’s going to control food from farm to table. 

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      Is he really that smart?  Or did he just take advantage of market forces and reap the benefits of our rigged economic system, just like most of the super wealthy?