Interesting non-lethal self-defense tool – Self-Defense Whip

I was looking for a non-lethal self defense tool to put in the bug out bags for family members.  Although some are trained in martial arts, they were more about learning the katas than the actual fighting.  I was looking for a self-defense tool that wouldn’t require a lot of training.  I settled on of all things a self-defense whip based on the following criteria:

  • Simple to use/minimum training required.
  • Doesn’t require physical contact (like a knife or stun gun)
  • Not as easily grabbed (like a baton or stick)
  • Compact  

I know that no weapon checks all the boxes, but this one peaked my interest.  Not sure why there isn’t more discussion on these types of weapons.  I also watched a video of some martial arts experts trying it out on each other (https://youtu.be/zWvEuK9DDtY).  I’ll be packing this along with the pepper spray.

I am not affiliated with any companies who make these products.


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      If the intent is to defend against someone who’s attacking you, I think this will not be very effective. If someone is in the middle of attacking you, hitting them with this won’t stop them from following through with at least one strike, at which point their stab or punch does more damage than the whip did.

      I can imagine police using this for controlling someone who is behaving badly, like the way they currently use batons. But any civilian trying the same is likely to be charged with assault.

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      Adding an additional foot and a half of reach can keep an assailant away from you. If you just went nuts and swung that back and forth like crazy to create distance you could keep someone with a knife from getting to you.

      I have never seen a tool like this before, it is slightly cumbersome, but I also see the benefit that it could have. Nice find.