incredible story of quick thinking and skill that leads to a saved life

want to read about an incredible story of a father and son who used their intuition and skill to save someone at sea? this story really was inspiring to me to be alert, aware, and tap into what i know in order to better help others. it’s seriously a good read.


if put into that same situation, i’m afraid i wouldn’t have had the split second decision making that these two had and the knowledge and skill that would have been required to find him. it sounds like they did everything perfectly and it paid off. i’m trying to think about what i’m exceptionally good at and how i too might be able to use that someday to save someone’s life. i don’t know too much about first aid, but just having a kit and basic knowledge may save someone someday.

i think forum member bob is a boater in that part of the woods/ocean. maybe he can pitch in his thoughts


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        one day i’ll figure out this technology stuff. thanks for the updated link, i updated my original post with your new link.

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      Good evening Pint,

      My thoughts distill down to making the utmost efforts to MINIMIZE STRESS.

      One can be strong and skilled but both get defeated by stress. I read the link – event was a noted event in news here. Part of this father-son’s skills was mental preparedness especially when out well offshore.

      Time is of the essence.  This was mentioned in the linked article.

      North Carolina waters are well patrolled. The East Coast’s largest USCG base is at Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Still, time is of the essence. Hesitant to write this but must; budget restrains might have been involved.

      Mental health, to include practiced skills to reduce stress, determine many successful rescues.

      I am now in the mood for some brew and North Carolina hush puppies.

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        thanks for your feedback and insight into this article. that man was treading water for three hours and his legs were seizing up. i bet if they waited an additional 30 minutes he probably wouldn’t be there to find any longer. like you said, time is of the essence.

        i know what a brew is oh too well, but what are north carolina hush puppies?

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        Good afternoon Pint,

        Hushpuppies believe started in early times of coastal Louisiana. They are fried cornmeal made into round serving. Several make up an order.

        Had mentioned “North Carolina hushpuppies” because a little south of boating rescue is the famous restaurant … believed opened before US officially entered WWII … “Sanitary Fish Market and Restaurant” in Morehead City at southern end of the outer banks of North Carolina.

        Besides great food – no beer served – the restaurant has a section with a wall of framed news articles and momento types of stuff that can be framed. One news article told of a customer medical doctor who used Dr Albert Schweitzer’s (of Gambia, W. Africa health care fame) techniques to do something similiar in western North Carolina.

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        i now know what a hushpuppy is. if i’m ever down south i will order some.

        do you eat them plain or with any sauces?

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        Good morning Pint,

        In my case: past tense. Stopped having fried foods – with a few occassional minor exceptions – some time ago.

        I had ’em plain.

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        I used to love getting hush puppies when visiting my grandmother (who has long since passed away) in coastal Virginia. I just had them again for the first time in many, many years at a Cajun restaurant on a recent trip to California. They were great both with and without the red sauce with which they were served.