Increasing your readiness when driving near protests

I wrote this on Sunday, relying in part on the work of others who have researched this.  I thought I would share this in case someone was looking for some guidance on dealing with these events.



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      What are your thoughts on using a drone to sort of canvas an area to determine the best route before setting out?

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        I think a drone would be great…I just don’t know how practical it would be.  I am a 20 minute drive from downtown Austin.  For me, it’s just not practical to take a drone with me to survey traffic.  For others, it might be viable.

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      The number one thing you can do to be “ready” when driving near protests is *not intentionally drive your car into protestors*, which is what all of these “mob violence” incidents have involved. Somewhat unsurprisingly so, since a certain segment of the public has turned vehicular homicide of protestors into a meme since the horrible death of Heather Heyer. How hard is that to do?