If you moved to the country, what do you wish you’d known first?

Hi folks, I just published my guide on things to expect if you’re moving to the country from the city. If you’ve made the move, what do you wish you’d known first?



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      It’s similar in spirit to the “don’t try to make your new area exactly like your old area”, but I notice people don’t understand the tradeoffs that come with / without a Homeowner’s Association. Yes, HOAs can be a real pain in the ass, but being able to do what you want in the country without an HOA also means your neighbor can do what they want. If you’re particularly bothered by people having old cars on the lot, “compounds” of multiple shacks/trailers/etc, odd houses, livestock, and so on, consider finding an area that still has some CCRs or other zoning laws for the major issues.

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        Word. HOAs maintain a certain standard, but they’re also very limiting.

        There will always be tradeoffs.

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      I loved your blog!

      I wish I had known more about how your own attitude towards nature and wildlife can change rapidly once you are actually surrounded by them on a daily basis. Before I moved out here, I really thought I could manage rodent infestations with peppermint oil and Have-A-Heart traps. I also seriously thought I could prevent ticks from crawling all over us by just using 100% holistic methods like mowing and spraying essential oils. Worse, I smugly looked down on people who would dare use any pesticides or kill methods for pest species – I thought they were ignorant, lazy, cruel, or just hated the planet. After all, these things worked fine in our highly developed suburb right? Then I moved out here and all of a sudden it was like the forest was actively trying to reclaim our yard and home by sending hordes of creatures into it. Things got so bad we had mice chewing the wiring behind our outlets and there were so many ticks in our yard I couldn’t even let my kids play on the lawn 10ft from the house. Needless to say, my attitudes towards pest management have changed a bit.

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        Yep, it can force you to become practical real quick. I use organic methods when they work, but I also just spread a bunch of rat poison around my out-building because the mice were chewing up everything and pooping on it. And a lot of people who grew up in nature grow contemptuous of it. I have a buddy who doesn’t think twice about dumping stuff in the woods and shooting every stray dog that wanders onto his property.