How y’all doing with the unexpected cold?

Friends in the southern U.S., how are you doing with the cold/snow/power outages?


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      Here in a small sliver of the Tidewater, Virginia rural area, all OK.

      My worry was less about the cold and near exclusively about the ice on tree branches. A falling branch can weight half a ton.

      My emails from Texas where they experienced a(n) historic weather event freezing their cowboy hats off, my correspondents were prepared and, like here, the complaints were about heating costs.

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      While I don’t live in the southern US, I’ve been seeing some of the struggles people are going through. 

      Having their bathtubs full of water freeze solid. Setting up tents inside their living rooms to stay warm.

      I feel bad for people and hope they can get through this. 

      Prepare for the worst and unexpected. I’m sure many in the southern states did not think they would have to be dealing with this.

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      Above link gives a good view of the Texas situation.  Anticipate some cost increases.