How we know the future of COVID-19 is a roller coaster of lockdowns and spikes

When it comes to knowing what’s next with the pandemic, I’ve found the following two methods have yet to let me down: I keep close tabs on what infect
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      Hi Jon,

      Great article and for the recommendation of Dr. Osterholm’s podcast. I’m going to check it out. Are there other podcasts that you find credible?

      Kind regards,


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      CIDRAP & Osterholm have been aces in infectious diseases for ages. If you want to know about pediatric issues & respiratory viruses Dr. Bill Schafner at Vanderbilt is *the* guy (I can’t recall offhand if he’s just an MD or an MD/PhD, he was great whenever he came to the Flu Center at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, an excellent clinician as well as a researcher).

      Dr. Peter Hotez (also at BCM) also knows his stuff though he’s more a molecular virology guy than an epidemiologist (Dr. Ashish Jha is quite good on epidemiology, I love that he’s very no BS’ing, he calls it like he sees it).

      And Dr David Grabowski of Harvard is the guy I trust to understand how screwed up nursing homes & similar facilities are (they were so long before COVID-19, now they are orders of magnitude more horrific) though he’s more health care policy than basic or medical research.

      Anything Tony Fauci does is pretty solid though he’s more of an expert in retroviruses, T-cell immunity & HIV/AIDS, he is literally *battle tested & hardened* in global viral pandemics (you would have thought we would have learned much more from those experiences in the 1980s & 1990s but we didn’t)

      The former head of the National Strategic Stockpile, Greg Burel (@gburel on Twitter, he retired in January of 2020) is definitely worth listening to on national preparedness & how we blew this one big time: