How to make the greenhouse cool in summer?

As a novice gardener, it makes sense to know how to keep your greenhouse cooler in the summer. Perhaps some facilities can keep plants cooler.

Besides vents and fans, what better suggestions do you have?


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      If your greenhouse is covered with plastic film (there is excellent quality greenhouse film available), and design allows, you can roll the walls up and tie them.  That is what we have done with our DIY hoop house.  The overhead plastic actually cuts a bit of the sun, so feels slightly cooler than in the direct sun.20220801_065422[1]

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        Figure out what temperatures the plants in there like to be at and keep a thermometer in there as well so you can tell when they are about to freeze or cook.

        Windows, vents, fans, or rolling up the sides like Dogpatch mentions here are good ways to adjust the temperatures. Their position in the greenhouse can also factor into things such as if they are near the door or on the other end, on the north or south side of the green house, and up closer to the roof or down near the floor. Play around and see what your plants like.