How Japan is beginning to rediscover self reliance

An Interesting short show on how Covid appears to have become the tipping  point for many urban professionals who are now looking more into leaving the city and becoming self reliant in the Japanese countryside, the countryside in itself has beeen becoming ever more depopulated through urban migration since the end of WW2.

I see the beginning of similar changing perceptions occuring in Europe and America.


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      Good afternoon Bill,

      Two months ago I attended the eastern Virginia prepper fest / organization.

      One of the guys present has a Japanese frau / tie tie … don’t know the word in Japanese … They live on Japan’s inland sea. They’re into raising goats and some crops. Easy enough for couple to fly in since professional with related financial package. Still most time is working the herd.

      Living in TYO is like D.C., NYC and the other mega filth traps. 

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      I think self reliance is a dirty word in the UK.

      self sufficiency was all the rage when “the good life” was on the box but nowadays it is the preserve of the retired and the trendy.

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      I know many people in America who are leaving the big cities for a more rural lifestyle, but it’s interesting to see that it can be harder in Japan because of cultural norms and expectations. That was a very interesting video.

      Even across the world though, the people there still have the same goals and desires that I have here. Taking care of my family, slowing down my life, how will I be able to provide financially for my family, commuting long distances to larger cities for supplies, and more.