Household items rationed


Good morning,

Above link is a reminder to prep.

All last week, Aldi discount grocery had shortages of pizza.

All this stuff is not high tech nor subject to foreign supply sources.

Again: prepare now.


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      Getting SOME shortages in the UK mainly meat products due to a C02 shortage used in animal slaughter and food packaging.

      We were in Makro yesterday and noted quite a few large gaps where Kitchen role and TP normally live. Also bleach ( sodium hypochlorite) in short supply.   No offers on washing up liquid available. Also not many rolls of trash bags ( another product made from natural gas)

      Fuel prices are becoming silly now for Petrolium, Diesel, LPG, Propane etc.

      And oddly enough  fire arms ammo and air gun ammo is in short supply ???

      A perfect storm in the UK of being 100,000 truckers short, shortages of iso containers, many container ships stuck off the US west coast. shortages of natural gas driving prices through the off, and the C02 shortages. The prices of wood for lumber through the roof.

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      Bob, I was amused at the comments on the link you shared above. Seems many have become preppers without realizing it, talking about their stocked pantries, buying shelves for storage, etc.

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        Good afternoon CR,

        We are slowly turning back to reality.

        Thanks for pointing this out.