What are your tips for hiding food/valuables?

I was wondering where people hide their food/valuables? And by valuables, I’m talking about tools, solar panels, gasoline, medical supplies, etc… 

It gets to be quite a load, especially food for the family. I have a few ideas, and have a few stashes around our property, but I’d like to hear some other ideas please….


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       I was just about to write a post about this….stealthy hiding spots inside your house. I was looking at our home’s layout and realized there is a large empty void space above the stairs headed to the basement. It’s empty space. So I put out a call within my group for ideas for use of that space. One member has already put it to use. Unfortunately it isn’t stealthy, although he has plans to do something about that soon. I’ve also seen others use 6 inch PVC pipe hanging from basement ceilings for all intents and purposes, looking like sewer pipe, except for the screw on cap on the end. Great place for hiding stuff. stairs double