Helmets anyone?

Hi, all. I hope you’re all doing well.

I’m just starting the process of researching helmets, but want to know if anyone else is already ahead of the game in this department. Specifically, I’m looking into NIJ-level helmets (see body armor). I am, of course, thinking in terms of a SHTF scenario, not so much paintballs and protests.

What manufacturers, distributors, or other information have you found in the way of civilian-accessible helmets?

Thanks in advance.


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      Bumping this because I’ve thought about getting one but haven’t progressed much. I remember seeing one that folds up so you can tuck it into your bag. Guessing it’s not rated super high…

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      Hi Matt. I like Team Wendy helmets. Night Vision is part of my preps, so I needed one that could interface with a night vision monocle. I have had good luck with the Exfil LTP. I use it for kayaking, ATV, biking, and snowboarding. I have even throw it on for horseback riding.  

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        +1 For this. Team Wendy makes some very high level helments, their suspension system is is one of the best on the market. Ops-Core/Gentex is the other big name player in the helmet game, and are extremely high quality. Galvion is also a trusted brand as well, and can be found for slightly cheaper than the two mentioned above. The cheapest I would go if you are set on a IIIA helmet would be a helmet from hoplite armor, I don’t believe they are USA made but hoplite won’t sell anything they don’t trust so I would be confident in it. Stay away from brands like Hard Headed Veterans though, lots of negative reviews on those. And whatever you do don’t buy one from AR500 Armor.  Like Thomas said above though, the main purpose of a helmet is a rig for night vision, I would prioritize a high quality plate carrier and plates over a helmet first. 

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        Excellent respone. My helmets primary jobs are to hold my night vision monocle and mitigte concussions from falls.  I would prioritize body armor over a ballistic helmet. 

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        To clarify on my response earlier the Hoplite helmets are actually USA made from LTC, one of the biggest armor suppliers in the industry, so they are definitely good to go. They have fully kitted IIIA Helmets for around $650, which is around the same price as a Galvion Viper A3, so I would go with either one of those if you don’t want to drop 1K+ on a helmet. 

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        Thanks for the Team Wendy recommendation. Lots of good options on their site. And they get extra credit for posting this on their twitter

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        They are the most comfortable helemts I have ever worn. Good company started by a really good person, under sad circumstances. (Founder lost his daughter in a skiing accident because her head was not protected.)

        They do make ballistic helmets if you want that level of protection. 

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        Thank you for pointing me in this direction. This is what I was looking for! NV is a part of my preps as well. Tiny bit of sticker shock, but I’m seeing good reviews here and elsewhere. 

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        If you have questions about NV, start a new forum post! Glad to answer any qustions, and post photos of my gear.