Has anyone bought any “cheap but worth it” prepping supplies from Wish.com?

I’ve found that there are many potential prepping supplies on wish.com for a very low price (+shipping from China) and was wondering if anyone has had luck finding worth it items to round out their preps there? I’ve seen molle first aid bags, ferro rods, solar items, and other such things there for very low cost.  Of course, I’m aware that the quality of many of their items is questionable, but I was curious if anyone had found items that are worth it?  Many items seem identical to what I find on amazon.  Thanks!


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      I haven’t done this, but I’m curious what the quality would be like. It could be a cheap way to check a few boxes for preps.

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      I have purchased mostly wrist watches from Wish. Quality varies but it’s usually what I “expected” for the price. Wish has a really shady reputation though. I have one product on there now that every two weeks it postpones the expected delivery date by another two weeks, with no option to cancel order or get a refund. My spouse recently got a package from wish for a product we never ordered. We think that’s part of a scam where they create an account, send something for free, then use your account to give themselves good reviews

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        I have had random packages show up to my house that I never ordered. They were from Amazon for me though.

        When contacting Amazon customer support, they didn’t care to look into it further and just said to keep the item. Oh cool! Free packages and items right!? No…, it was all junk that I didn’t even want or need and so it just went in the trash.

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      I concur with Hazard Awareness – they’re pretty shady. I have a lot of artist friends whose artwork has been ripped off and reproduced by Wish.com with no credit going to the artist for the image, and definitely no $$$ for a portion of the sale. Also, no cooperation or response to cease and desist letters. Honestly, I wouldn’t bother doing any business with them. 

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        I hate reading stories like that. It happens so often now since people can report it faster b ut I don’t know if the offender is really penalized 🙁

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      Geek has some good flashlights and other gear. They got one with a solar panel and it is both a lantern on the side and a flashlight. I have it and it works good. I can also recommend the dollar tree flashlight with the lantern on the side. It’s very good. It takes only one battery. I bought a couple to have laying around. 

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        I’ve picked up a few things at the Dollar Tree that work just as good as anywhere else. Appreciate the flashlight recommendation! Have you bought anything else that’s held up ok?