Has anyone actually made their own soap and liked it?

Has anyone tried making their own soap? Yes, I was watching Fight Club.

I’ve seen it mentioned in a few places and was curious if it’s worthwhile now that we’re all washing our hands more.


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      I’ve read that you can make it pretty easily with bacon fat but I’ve also heard that it’s not easy at all. Go figure. Check reddit r/soapmaking if you’re genuinely going to give it a shot. I think it’s a cool project, but I’m content to just stock up on it. It was hard to find back in March, but I see plenty in stores right now.

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      My wife is considering it, and I’ve researched it in the past. You’ll definitely want to invest in goggles to protect your eyes when handling lye.

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      Get a copy of the Encyclopedia of Country Living. It’s pretty well known and goes over soap. There’s a ton of stuff in there also in case you get the bug and want to make more of your own preps. Good jumping off point.