Happy Fathers Day! What has your dad taught you?

I am not a father or am anywhere near being a father any time soon (just graduated from high school), but I thought it would be nice to talk about ways that our fathers have taught us skills or lessons that can apply to discussions on this forum.

I always enjoyed camping with my parents growing up and learning things like how to start a fire and set up a tent safely while looking for dead overhead branches and making sure you don’t sleep with your head going downhill.

Love you dad!



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      My dad taught me a lot about how things work in the analog world, such as how houses are built and repaired, understanding how to figure out things dealing with plumbing, electricity, etc.

      As a millennial, most of my peer group has to call someone to do the most basic things around the house. I love that I don’t have to, and also consider it part of a prepping foundation.

      He was also a financial planner, so I grew up with a solid financial knowledge foundation (something that should be taught in every high school), which as many of you know is one of the very first steps in prepping.

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      My father did not teach me very much about outdoorsy/guns/prepping/survival stuff but he did teach me about hard work and being good to others. What else do you really need in life?

      I do want to know how to do all of those things however so I have been learning those things in my adult years and am teaching them to my children whenever possible.

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        Exactly like Jay said.

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      I’m a day late, but would like to mention my dad. 

      Just like you Pizza Ninja, my dad took our family camping often, especially when we were younger. He introduced me to the Boy Scout program and I have many great memories of him taking me through merit badges and going on hikes and camps.

      And just like John Ramey’s father, my dad taught me household repairs and how to work with my hands. I personally can’t wait until I can have a kid and can pass on what I know with them and be that hero to them who can do anything.

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      Nice thoughts for all that posted. I miss Dad 91 great years he was here. From dad I learned to do so many life skills. I can do most anything I set my mind on, because of Dad.  

       OK here is the “funny” one that sadly I had to pull from my memories of Dad. Our sewer line caved, all modern features of using water ended at that second. Out came the bucket and trash bag. We all had a good laugh that was something I learned from dad 😉 

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        That would be a memorable experience… 

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      Bringing this topic from last Father’s Day back up if anyone new wants to comment about what their father taught them.

      I’m grateful that my dad taught me how to fix things. It has saved me a lot of money over the years, taught me to be more self sufficient, and allowed my items to last longer. All great things to know for preparedness. There might not always be a mechanic or dishwasher repairman around to fix things for you.

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      Dad was a contractor for home remodeling and I helped him on many occasions. Aside from the actual construction methods, he taught me to always leave the home as clean as we found it. “The owner should never know you were here,” he would say. I have applied that level of “quality” to everything I do and teach it my kids as well, whether we’re working, camping, or hunting or fishing.  

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      My dad taught me how to fix things too. How to read (and save) the manual. How to sit down and look at it when I’m stumped and figure it out slowly. How to be patient.

      He taught me how to stick it out in good times and bad. How to take a friends’ confidence to the grave instead of gossiping. How to pray every day, not just when I’m in a jam. How not to break off with friends gone bad but be a friend ‘at a distance’ forever. How to talk less and listen more.

      My dad died 12 years ago and I miss him.

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        He sounds like an incredible man. Thank you for sharing those beautiful lessons he taught you.

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        “How to be a friend at a distance” if a friendship has gone bad. A good reminder during uncivil times. 

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        Yes, it’s hard when friends go bad in last few years. It’s usually been a loss of rational thinking. But love is a decision, not a feeling, in spite of the loss.

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      not a damned thing, my dad’s attitude was to push me out of the way and do it himself, he didnt teach me anything, everything I have learned has been self taught, trial and error.

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        I’m sorry to hear that lonewolf.  Sure it would have taken a bit longer and might not have been done as well, but he missed a valuable opportunity to teach his kid how to do something and create a good memory.

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      My dad taught me about the weather. “The average thunderstorm lasts 20 minutes.” “The temperature drops about 3 degrees for every thousand feet you gain in elevation.” “See how the rain evaporates before it ever hits the ground? That’s called virga.”  “Look at that view! Gorgeous, just gorgeous!”

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        Your dad just taught me some new things as well. 

        The average time of a thunderstorm is important to know if you are out hiking and for how long you should expect to seek shelter. Or if you are at home, how long you have to unplug the TV from the wall to prevent a surge from frying it.

        The 3 degrees for every thousand feet is also important for road trips or hikes to know how to dress.