Hands-on experience with a Scout Rifle?

Does anyone have any actual hands-on experience with any of the current Scout rifles (ex. Ruger GSR, Savage, Mossberg)?  What’s been your experience (good or bad)? 


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      My scout was a semi so I’ll pass along my scope lessons learned: I ran a M1A Scout for a number of years with a forward mounted scope. Worked well, handled well with lots of rounds fired. One day I decided to run some one shot drills using the M1A and bolt 7.62 with Trijicon 3×9 scope. I found bright sunshine can reduce contrast due to the scout scope being further away from the eye and slow time on target. The receiver mounted scope closer to the eye did not have this issue. Based on my informal test results, I picked up a Sadlak Airborne receiver mount and switched the Trijicon 3×9 over. At 3x, both eyes open, I found my hit count on closer and mid-range steel was higher and faster. Being able to roll up to 9x was a plus for the longer shots. A bonus is twilight/night use with the Trijicon.