Growing year round with an underground greenhouse

Came across this website and forum after reading some of the gardening articles and am impressed with what I’ve seen so far. Hopefully I can just jump in and ask a question, if not feel free to remove this. 

Have any of you heard of or made a walipini? Also known as an underground greenhouse, pineapple pit, or sunken greenhouse.

Here’s a picture of the inside of one:


As you can see, it’s pretty much just growing things in the bottom of a pit with a clear tarp over top.

There are like a hundred pictures of various designs of underground greenhouses on this page: https://insteading.com/blog/underground-greenhouse/ From very expensive and extravagant models to just a sheet of glass over a hole in the ground.

I’ve grown some plants and vegetables here and there in pots over the years but am getting more interested in gardening. Hence why I found this site.  I hope to make this a fun and rewarding hobby that can help me be a little more prepared. And this seems like a good way to grow things because of the recessed garden being warmed from the earth, and ability to grow even tropical fruits year round in colder climates.

Thank you to anyone who comments


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