Glacier / Primo refill station for long term water storage

I’ve been reading regarding storing water for longer than the recommended rotation of six months and it usually talked about bottled water or water from tap.

What would the consensus be regarding taking my own sanitized containers to a primo or glacier refill station, filling them up and putting them away for storage?  When I say container I mean an actual water storage container not a primo bottle.

Could they then be kept for years without the need to treat it later?  Would this water need to be treated before storing it long term?

Thank you. 


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      Frankly, I wouldn’t bother.  I have stashed tap water in less than ideal situations for a year and consumed same just fine.  Water is easy to replace and any organisms potentially present can be neutralized by simply boiling.  Spend your money and time on more critical items

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      Sure, you could do that. But if the water dispenser/company promotes that they’ve treated the water to remove any of the chemicals etc put in by the municipal grid or treatment plant, you might want to re-add some basic preserver chemical or bleach. Some of the chems put in by the grid are beneficial when you then store that water long term.

      I just grabbed this from Primo’s website:

      Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 1.31.34 PM

      Some of the stuff they strip out can be beneficial for storage. If you’re properly storing and rotating the water anyway, you’d probably be fine with that ‘purified’ Primo water alone. But it doesn’t hurt to err on side of caution and re-add some chems.