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      I can highly recommend to read the linked medical supply list. Great descriptions and hints how to build one for the own personal needs (to be exact, building basic and extended versions). Using the IFAK List to clean up my own IFAK made me not only better prepared but also it lead to a lighter, minimal IFAK version which, in the smallest Version, is even on me when I do not carry a back-pack (e.g. when going into the Biergarten 🙂 ).

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      One bit of feedback I have about this section is that when there is a list of supplies like this with links to purchase, possibly there might be some sort of mention about “Later on in this course you will be learning how to use each of the supplies” so it doesn’t feel overwhelming for a new person reading this who may unfamiliar with an IFAK.

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      There’s a lot of good info here. A table of contents would help me as a first time reader, and would also help me go back and reference some of the topics that I haven’t memorized yet.

      There’s a lot of new terminology for me.  I’m not sure if navigation popups are supported with theprepared’s web architecture.  I think these are helpful because readers like me wouldn’t need to go down new internet rabbit holes, when all that’s needed is a brief description for item or acronym.  Including a link on where to get a recommended item would also be cool.

      Thanks for putting this together.  So far so good.  I won’t be using kra-z-glue for my lascerations anymore.