Fuel Stabilizer Results

Just a data point to share about fuel stabilizer, in case anyone is wondering about how long it lasts:

I buy the PRI brand gasoline stabilizer, and use it to treat 5 gallon containers of ethanol-free gas. I just put gas in my car that was treated with stabilizer four years ago, and the car is running fine on it.

Also, regarding this article about capless fuel tanks on cars/trucks, I use what I call a “copper rattle” siphon – I don’t know what they’re really called (safety siphon?) – which works perfectly for transferring gas from the 5 gallon container into the car. It coils up and stores in a much smaller space than a funnel, and it works with both capped and capless fuel tanks.



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      I’ve been using STA-BIL stabilizer for many years and it seems to help.  I’ve also switched to ethanol-free gas several years ago for my small engines.  It’s ridiculously expensive, but I figure it saves me a lot in maintenance.  I try to rotate my gas every year but have gone more than 2 years on several occasions and it still ran well in my vehicle.