New cars are using capless fuel tanks, but normal funnels and fuel cans might not work in an emergency

This may seem an odd subject but here goes.  I’ve been busy staging gear for potential wildfire evacuation this coming season.  We recently bought a new truck with a capless fuel tank (which we just discovered) and the last thing in our preps is buying a new gas can for it so we can carry extra gas.  We went through half a tank in the old truck last year waiting to get through ONE intersection, and this truck has only one tank, where the other had two.   After exploring the filler tube we realized that no ordinary gas can would work to get fuel into the tank, so I thought aha! We need a funnel.  Only what funnel?!  As it turns out Mopar has a designated fuel funnel for this vehicle! (It’s a Ram 1/2 ton).  The array of funnels available is mind boggling, and there’s no way to know if “any old” funnel would work. 

Just sharing in case this might be relevant to others with newer vehicles.  You might want to check if you can get fuel into your vehicle from an ordinary gas can!


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      Cars today are gettin too darn complicated. Good to know for the future, thanks.

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        I agree!

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      I have an older car so I haven’t heard of this technology or feature before. But appreciate the heads up so I’m aware of this as I am looking for a new car this year.

      Saw this video that does a good job explaining the dangers of using just any old funnel and how using one can lead to additional repairs and expenses. https://youtu.be/hboyFbDrrXw 

      The video also mentions to check your owners manual because some cars will already have that specialized funnel in some hidden compartment. 

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        Thanks for the tip on the video, looking forward to seeing it!

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      I guess this “technology” has been around since 2009 (Ford Explorer) and that vehicles SHOULD have one of these that comes with it.  I can’t find it in my owner’s manual and there aren’t too many compartments in the truck I haven’t explored!

      At any rate, if one tries to fill one of these vehicles without the proper funnel, the gas will just run out on the ground.

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      How much did Mopar want for the funnel? Have you tried filling from something like a normal Wavian storage can? 

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      Hope you don’t mind that I edited the title to make it more clear what the topic is about. Feel free to edit it more if you want.