Firearms storage for BOBs

I’m curious how people are balancing safety vs quick access for firearms intended for a BOB (in The Prepared’s layout, this would be a level 2 bag item). We’ve decided to go with compact handguns for our L2 bags, though I suspect the answers would mostly be similar if people are using a compact long gun or large format pistol like a PC Charger or AR-7 or 10/22 Takedown.

A non-exhaustive list of variables to consider:

  • Gun location: In the safe? Dedicated quick access box (e.g. GunVault) near the bag? In the bag? Somewhere else? Presumably always holstered, whether loaded or not.
  • Status: Loaded? Unloaded? Loaded but with an empty chamber?
  • Magazines: In the bag? If not in the bag, located where the gun is? Loaded? Unloaded w/ a box of ammo? Ammo in a vacuum bag with a dessicant?

Some concerns:

  • Time taken to head out the door
  • Risk of theft
  • Risk of unsafe access by the untrained
  • Maintenance burden (e.g. cycling out ammo, magazines, etc)

While we don’t have children and the corresponding safety concerns to contend with, others surely will, so it’d be interesting to hear suggestions for both scenarios.


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