Fire! Heh! Heh. Fire’s cool.

Other than baiting you here to relive the glory that was Beavis and Butthead, I also wanted to share another tip:

Balls o’ Fire


  • gloves
  • petroleum jelly
  • cotton balls (or dryer lint)
  • container


Method 1

Mash vaseline into cottonball (or gathered dryer lint). Store in container (zip loc, old prescription bottle, etc). Bits of paper in the dryer lint help inflammability.

Method 2

Ever melted chocolate in a double-boiler? No? Place one pan on the stove, add water. Place a smaller pan in the water. Put on low heat. Add $ingredient (stir occassionally) until melted. In this case, petroleum jelly. Once the jelly has melted, allow to cool enough that you can drop a cottonball into it and remove it. Set the cottonball aside to cool completely.


Using Method 1, the cottonballs burned for approx. 6 minutes.

Using Method 2, the cottonballs burned for approx. 10 minutes.

In either case, these can come in pretty handy in a BOB or for camping.

You could also consider incorporating excelsior, also known as wood wool (a product made of wood slivers used in packaging, for cooling pads in home evaporative cooling systems), into your fire preps (or cottonball recipes).


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