Feeding catfish with an eagle watching

Yesterday evening, while I was headed to the pond to feed my catfish, I noticed both bald eagles sitting out on dead trees in the pond.  Those trees are normally underwater but we haven’t had any heavy rains this summer.  As I got closer to the pond, one eagle flew off but the other hung around for a bit.  I don’t know what it is, but I so love watch eagles.  I likewise enjoy watching the catfish splash around while feeding.


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      Happy lil’ fish! 🐟

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        Until an eagle grabs hold of it.  🙂  And they ain’t as little as you might think.


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        😨 They are big! And don’t look very happy anymore. ha! 

        Have you ever seen the eagles bathe themselves? I know smaller birds like bird baths and will toss water on their wings and rinse off.

        Have a beautiful day!

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        I’ve never seen them take a bath.  It is very common for me to find them on the water’s edge though.