Fear, scary movies, our evolution; values to a prepper


Good morning,

Had thought I posted this article several weeks ago.  Apparently not. Redundancy better than neglect.  Some forum member might need this info now.

Note:  “When the fear subsides, … pleasure”.

Note:  “stress hormones”.

Did not know about Oxytocin and hugging.

Note Dr Mendez’s “Risk takers … “.

Note:  “., short-term fear can have psychological benefits … to practice controlling”.


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      Very interesting Bob! My son loves to watch gory movies when he’s sick, now we have an explanation, immune boosting scares! 

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      The part of the article I related to the most was “It can allow a person to practice controlling their body’s response to fear in a safe space.”

      Similar to my recent topic about desensitizing myself to killing an animal, practicing getting scared or being under stress will help your body to be able to handle a truly scary or stressful situation. 


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        Good afternoon Pizza Ninja / Tim,

        In that animal prep thread, one matter not mentioned that I consider important: water.

        It takes a lot of water which also includes washing gloves and hands.

        My preparedness gives mercy to Bambi. Easier to stock some quality food rather than waste water stock…at least IMO.

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        My preferred method would be to store a large supply of food rather than going out and hunting in an emergency as well. I thought it would be good to be prepared though and know how to hunt and process an animal in case I ever needed to. You are right about it using a lot of water to clean the meat and yourself.

        Bambi is my friend as well.