Favorite brand of insulated coveralls?

UPDATE: The coveralls on Amazon are counterfeits—I confirmed with Carhartt that they don’t use plastic zippers.

I recently learned about the existence of insulated coveralls from the extreme cold weather gear article and I’m enchanted. It links to a Carhartt brand model which is no longer available. I looked at current Carhatt models and they get mixed reviews; some people don’t like the cheap zippers and the fact that the new models don’t allow access to inside pants pockets.

Does anyone have a favorite brand of insulated coveralls you’d recommend?


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      The link in that article seems to still work for me: Carhartt’s Arctic Quilt-Lined Coveralls.

      The zipper on my Carhartt jacket is made by YKK. Here’s a post about waterproofing that jacket, and here’s a post on YKK zippers.

      I don’t have any experience with insulated coveralls, but know that my family has been using summertime Carhartt coveralls in their construction business for years and seem to really enjoy them.

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        If you follow the link and select any size you’ll see “Currently unavailable” because that model has been discontinued.

        There are two current models of insulated coveralls.  I tried ordering the Washed Duck model and it has metal YKK zippers.  It looks like people on Amazon are complaining about the more expensive Yukon Extremes model which comes with plastic zippers.  I’ve tried ordering that one too to compare for myself.

        My first impression is that the coveralls are indeed warm but a bit cumbersome to move around in.  I’m going to try insulated overalls (or bibs) next which are reportedly not quite as warm but less cumbersome.  It might be interested to add a note about them to the cold weather article too.

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        Oh you are correct! I tried clicking on them and the only one I saw in stock was the 54 short. Looks like it might be discontinued.

        A few people on the TV show Alone have worn overalls, I wonder if they were the insulated kind.

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      I’ve finished exploring this topic so I’m summarizing what I’ve learned here:

      • I was concerned about negative reviews on Amazon about plastic zippers and cheap quality. Those must be conterfeit products because I confirmed with Carhartt that they don’t use plastic zippers (and my products, ordered directly from Carhartt, have metal YKK zippers).
      • I ordered both coveralls and overalls. The coveralls are warmer but lack a convenient way to vent in order to avoid sweating when temperatures get warmer (an important feature in cold weather gear). The overalls are more flexible because they can be worn with a jacket or not. I’ve decided to keep both for use in different conditions.
      • I tried both the Yukon Extremes and the Firm Duck versions of the products. The Firm Duck versions aren’t waterproof nor windproof. I thought they might have some advantage of over the Yukon Extremes, like not making as much noise when I walk, but the noise is about the same. The Firm Duck is also bulkier and more awkard to move in. I’m keeping the Yukon Extremes.
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        Awesome update Hardened! Glad you found some you like and can return the ones you don’t. Your observations sound important about being able to vent, noise level, and stiffness.