Emergency evacuations and their funding


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Frequently many private citizens do not evacuate to safety after a weather emergency because of the large costs. My agreement on these big costs are 100%.

The above linked article tells of Louisiana initiating a program via their insurance regulations to help fund evac costs.

“Insurance” is a specific category of risk management. From the non-risk management perspective this Louisiana program could be called a “test case”.

As sad as the Louisiana adverse weather situations are, it is like this in most other places – and I know the meaning of “most”.

The article is well worth glancing at.


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      That is great news and will certainly help encourage people to be less hesitant about bugging out. 

      I need to look into my homeowners insurance plan because I heard from someone that the insurance company will help pay for expenses like hotel and basic necessities to get you back up on your feet immediately after a disaster like your house burning down. That will be a big relief and help for anyone.

      Having a solid emergency fund is also critical.