Do you duplicate your every day carry in bags?

I’m planning my first Go Bag, and trying to consider how much to duplicate from my every day carry. Do you duplicate essentials that you carry with you everywhere like a multitool and lighter in your Go Bags?  I’m thinking about things I carry in my pockets/on my belt, not things I carry in my “every day carry bag” (a day hiking bag I keep in the car and bring on short hikes).

Obviously throwing an extra Bic lighter or pack of matches in is cheap, but it starts to add up when you talk about multitools, knives, and the like.


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      No, I do not.  There is no need to duplicate most items (I make an exception for fire making).  Think successive layers of utility and protection.

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      I like to have duplicates of some items, but not exact items. So instead of having two knives, i’ll have a knife and a multitool that has a knife. Instead of two Bic lighters, i’ll have a ferro rod and a lighter. Instead of two water filters, i’ll have a water filter and purification tablets. 

      I think there is some extra safety that comes with having different methods of doing something. For example, if a cold spell comes through and freezes your bag, which will crack a water filter, i’ll still have purification tablets and my mess kit which I can use to boil water. But if I had only stored one method, then i’d be out of luck with two broken water filters.

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      You’re using a “best practices” approach.  Budget adherence is an essential aspect.

      Duplication not necessary but the extra Bic lighter of nominal volume and weight OK to duplicate … just like pre-threaded sewing nnedles if you have experience with much consumption due eg frequent textile repairs. 

      Consider any pending physical restrictions you might want to plan for. Eg, can you open your multitool with a gloved hand during evacuation from a forest fire ? You might want to think of multitool on belt and a sheath knife, if legal, in Go Bag.

      Appreciated reading your mention of budgeting as part of prepping.

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      Yep, I go with Hikermor. I add to the basic rather than double up. My own set up is almost modular. 

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      Yup I do pretty much,  Though I EDC , Knife, Flashlight, Shades, Sharpener, Compass, Tactical Pen, Mini compass  etc I carry back ups of them in my day pack, Combined it only adds less than 1 lb to my load.

      Plus spare batteries for flashlights and radios etc. I always use radios and flashlights that uses same size batteries for commonality. I like to have the same tools in my pack as I edc as I enjoy familiarity.


      Mini Pry bar

      Duct Tape

      Cable ties

      F.A.K plus field dressing plus extra pain kilers

      Eye Drops

      Lens cleaner

      Baby wipes

      Puri tabs

      Kitchen roll







      Bar of soap

      Toothbrush and paste

      Change of socks / shorts

      Mini AM FM radio

      Chemical light sticks

      Zip lock bags

      Mini Binos

      Mini Compass

      Multi tool

      Cotton face masks

      Disposable Gloves

      Hand sanitizer

      Scalpel based tool

      Paracord 50 meters

      Rations and water if needed.