Dinner from the freezer

Obviously, the best food is that which is picked fresh.  You just can’t beat that.  However, in the middle of winter, or spring now, garden veggies that you have put up, without any chemicals or preservatives, are impossible to beat.  That is what is so amazing about having a garden and orchards.

Tonight my wife cooked purple hull peas with chow chow, fried okra, and corn on the cob.  All that came from our freezers.  Desert was peach cobbler using canned peaches in a light syrup that I put up last spring.

Just amazing!


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      That sounds like a wonderful dinner! It’s got to be a good motivator for you this coming year to continue your garden as well so you can eat like that year round. 

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        It really is motivation… and sometimes I need it.  My wife spends almost all her time caring for her 102 year old aunt and her 100 year old mom with memory issues.  I own & run a printing company full time.  So some days I’m tired & would rather just sit & relax.  However I know there are things that need to get done now and knowing soon we will have a lush garden again is pure motivation.  I’ve planted my collard plants & planted my English pea seeds this past week.  I’ve been hoeing & spraying the garden and will soon put in my corn and other veggies.  I noticed today some of my peaches are blooming, so no rest for the weary.  🙂

        But I do so love working outside!