Cooling towel technology


Good morning,

Safe Memorial Day.  Hope all experiencing a SAFE Memorial Day holiday week.  My well-wishes for your safety.

Above link provides the basics of this somewhat new technology for keeping cool.  Per the above site, the fabric “is engineered to absorb water, not for it to evaporate”.  For any planned hot weather this material can be important.


Another website … nothing to do with cooling fabrics but appropriate for learning.

In a current Smokey Bear catalog of merchandise just sent me, it’s mentioned somewhere buried in the catalog about the Forest Fire Lookout Association http://www.firelookout.org.  I’m linking it just for info.  There’s a $15.00 annual cost and I usually hold to only doing volunteer work for no-cost. It’s just that this organization does do some important work – and not just watching for fires. 

A parallel to lighthouses and their preservation for their history, this Association has a history section where there are efforts to preserve the records – and surely pictures – of our no longer used forest fire lookout towers.

For those new to prepping and especially new to the outdoors … not the picnic in the park: the real outdoors, worth glancing at this site.

Again, have a SAFE Memorial Day !   


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