Contact-free grocery shopping and prepping

I know that many items have limits, say 2 of this, or one of that. I was going to the store physically less than once a month and getting as much of any item that I could get or needed, except toilet paper, which I have alternatives for, mostly. I try to not take things that other people might need more. That being said, for anyone who does InstaCart, do you notice differences in limits on how much you can purchase at once, or are your purchases being tracked so that if you do it once a week, it becomes obvious that you are trying to stockpile for shtf? Does it even matter? New-to-Instacart question. My question is not “how to do InstaCart” but “how to do InstaCart when one is prepping for more than a week’s worth of stuff”?


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      At the beginning of Covid we used instacart and found that multiple purchases in one week did not matter/were not tracked. As someone who works in software development, the thought of so many purchases being tracked in that way, and for a company that is relatively new, it doesn’t seem likely in my opinion, but of course is possible.

      We are now using the Wal-Mart method of order and pick up at car, no limitations there.

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      We used Instacart and similar things the last few months and haven’t experienced any item limitations.

      Even if they do implement that kind of tracking, it feels like you could get around it with little effort.