Clip & Carry Gerber MP600 sheath review

So. I’ll start out by saying that I’ve had this sheath for about a year now, and carry it every day. I’ve never had a retention issue. I got a Gerber MP600 multi tool a year or so back, and I wanted a kydex sheath for it. After some research, I found this, and I’ve loved it ever since. I carry it IWB, so I can carry it if I’m in my farm clothes or my Sunday best. 

Note: if a multi tool isn’t in your EDC, I highly suggest the Gerber MP600. I’ve put mine through hell, using it multiple times a day, nearly every day. I can’t recommend it more. I’ll leave a link for the sheath and the MP600. 

Second Note: my dad has had the same MP600 for 10+ years, using it when he worked with the FD and when he had a lawn care business, and his is still kicking it!




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        That’s a nice multi-tool and a really nice sheath.

        I have a Gerber Suspension I like but the nylon sheaths wear out within 2 years. I should find a kydex.

        I don’t carry the Gerber every day but always slip my Victorinox Centurion in my watch pocket when I get dressed each morning.

        Victorinox Centurion

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        I’ve used nylon, leather, and kydex sheaths for this multi tool, and kydex had been the best by far. 

        I may need to look into getting one of those for days I want a lighter weight belt! How does it fit in the watch pocket?

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        I wear Wrangler Riggs pants often and the watch pocket is larger than those found on jeans. The Centurion slips right in. I also have some khakis with an interior change pocket in the right had pocket. The knife slips into that too. I think the inner ‘change’ pocket is the best, it holds the knife upright and doesn’t print very much at all. I don’t really know it’s there. I can sew a vertical line up the pockets of my other pants too, so I have one on all my pants, but it’s easier  to have the dry cleaner/seamstress do it for $15.