Chicken Pot Pie

On a lighter note, does anyone here love chicken pot pie too?  I grew up eating the ones we bought in the frozen section.   Lately, I make my own, mostly following a recipe I got online.  


chicken 1

chicken 2

chicken 3

chicken 4

chicken 5

chicken 6


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      That looks amazing!

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        I don’t mind saying, it really is.  I just follow the recipe exactly except for two things.  The recipe calls for you cooking all the veggies and diced chicken for 15 minutes.  Well, IMO, English peas don’t need that.  I would think they would overcook & get mushy, so I add the peas to the veggie/chicken mix just before I drain.  I stir them in good to distribute, and then immediately drain the mix.

        I also don’t bother cutting the dough, where the top & bottom dough meet.  I just fold the excess over & mash them together with a fork.  The crust is just so flaky & buttery that I don’t want to waste any.  I use Pillsbury refrigerated pie dough… and it is super easy to use & tastes incredible.  You can see it in the rolls sitting on the counter.

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      I loved my grandma’s chicken pot pie. Store bought isn’t even close to the same thing, and I haven’t tried making it myself.

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        This recipe is very easy.

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        It looks easy enough. I’ll need to try that.

        This is also reminding me of grandma’s shepherds pie, which I bet is also easy to make.

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        It really is.  I like to cook but I’m not a baker.  My wife normally does that.  But this is so easy using the Pillsbury pie crust.  First time I made it, I was amazed at how flaky & good that crust was.

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      How much of that is from your garden? I am getting tired of the little 88 cent frozen pot pies at the grocery store, so maybe I just need to make a quality one for a change. 

      I wonder if you could slice it into different servings, freeze those, and then thaw as needed instead of the store bought frozen ones.

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        Actually none is from my garden.  I just pulled up my English peas as it got hot real quick this year.  They like long cool, springs.  Lately, our springs are getting shorter & shorter… so much so I can’t hardly grow any of my cool loving crops in the spring.  Now our fall lasts a long time and that is when I can really grow cool season crops.  Up side of this is that I have a very long summer growing season.  Right after I pulled up the English peas, I put some Haricot Verts ( French slender beans) in their place.  These are the bush variety and my wife loves them better than my Rattlesnake pole beans, which are already climbing their trellis.  I just ordered 4 different varieties of Haricot Verts to put in soon as my corn is done & chopped down..  My corn right now is almost waist high.  With our long summers, it is easy to get two crops in the same bed.  I have 4 rows of corn and each row will be a different variety of bean, something you wouldn’t want to do if saving seeds but great for testing varieties… and hopefully great for pleasing the wife.  Happy wife… happy life.  🙂

        I bet you could freeze them.  It would be interesting to see how the dough responds.  They are so good I always double the recipe & cook two.  Once a week I cook for a couple of elderly widows, so one is usually split between them & my wife & I eat the other over a 2-3 day period.

        Only problem is, if you eat this, you will never eat the frozen again.  One other modification I make is to double the celery seed.  I really like the flavor it adds.  As typical with many recipes, at least for me the prep time is longer for me than what the recipe calls for.  All together, it takes me 1 1/2 hour from start to finish.  Then you need to let it rest for at least 15 minutes.  That is the hardest part.  I could speed it up by cooking the liquid component in a separate pot than the veggies/chicken.  Cooking it separately, while the veggies are cooking would save around 15 minutes.  But to save cleanup, I drain the veggies & cook the liquid part in that same pot.

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      Looks really good, Redneck! My wife makes turkey pot pie which is an especially delicious way to handle Thanksgiving leftovers! Better than the frozen version at the store any day! I think these could be easy and hearty prepper meals since they can be even be made in a Dutch oven over an open fire!

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        Yes, it most certainly could be a prepper meal, especially since I stock so much wheat berries to grind into flour.  In such a scenario, when draining the veggie & chicken mix, I would save the liquid to add to a soup.