Check immunizations records; keep current

Virginia Department of Health aware of several confirmed measles cases in Afghan evacuees

Good evening / morning,

It’s not just about the COVID-19 shots / jabs.

Virginia now has some measles cases.

Preppers must not neglect the foundation of immunizations. COVID-19 is new. Measles not so,

Above link tells of introduction of measles via some Afghan arrivals here already infected.

Some of these Afghan evacuees are in 3 week quarantine concurrent with getting immunizations. Some of these evacuees were also phased into the community here without the 21 day quarantine and government-provided shots /jabs.

Check your shot / jab records NOW and keep current.

Here we are fatigued by COVID overwhelming medical facilities and now the additional fatigue from measles.  A hurricane or wildfire evac with measles won’t be happening.

Article uses term “Health leaders”. Easy to identify the problem.


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      Good morning Bob, I couldn’t agree more. It’s easy to take your eye off the ball when you are caught up in the latest news.

      I’m old enough to remember how an outbreak of childhood disease can ravage a school. My mum couldn’t get me vaccinated quick enough, having lost a sibling to measles herself. The MMR vaccine was one of those defining moments in scientific history, in my opinion.

      Despite the flawed and (IMO) criminal attempts by Andrew Wakefield to discredit the MMR it has saved countless children from multiple disease complications. I believe that man should have been tried for every single  death caused by measles, mumps and rubella as he was directly responsible for causing vaccine hesitancy in parents. He is a truly despicable human being.

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        Good morning Jenny,

        So true; Important that you’re highlighting this.

        COVID takes some preparations to get – but there are common denominators to these efforts for the other shots / jabs for the private citizen prepper.

        A. Get the COVID shots / jabs and when available the boosters.

        B. Keep records of immunization. Plural: records on person,.. I keep photocopy next to Medicare card in wallet. Keep copy in filefolder type of records. Ask health care providers if they want copy.

        C.  Do the same as COVID immunization(s) for the other shots / jabs. Review all these records no less than checking food and water inventories.

        D.  I had to pay ~ $ 250 for the Shingles shot / jab since not covered by Medicare. As annoying as this is, the comparison to visiting a medical clinic (not “free” here in the land of the free) and buying the recommended RX pharma.

        Got my daughter the Yellow Fever shot / jab here when she was 13 y.o. Well worth the cost. Also started her with learning about the medical records management.

        I remember the polio scare.

        Agree: the MMR important and a major event.

        The many “Andew Wakefields” will not be leaving the arena soon. They are all over and must just be worked around.  We’ve had retired Admirals warning about fluoride in the water.

        The real matter is the poor quality education system coupled to the media seeking to outdo the educational system. Most of the population can’t follow this stuff to know the correct path to follow.

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      Thanks for the reminder! I have access to my kids records and my last 10 years via my phone/website, but this reminded me to print them out and get them in our family binder. Will also get them added to our digital file. 

      Question: Most vaccines are done during childhood, but have no record of them anymore. Are the ones that are likely to be asked about just the ones that would require a booster? Or more recent ones? 

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        Good afternoon Brekke,

        I do not know.

        It’s not a difficult question to get an answer.

        Consider contacting your kids … can’t spell word … their doctor. Would double check with the state health dept (Hoping you’re not living in Virginia.)

        An additional source for an answer – it’s recent – is to ask a trusted Pharm D at a store eg CVS, Rite Aide.


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        Definitely not a doctor, but here’s what I’ve heard said about the different shots over the years:

        • Pneumonia vaccine – usually given as a child and should be taken again at 65
        • Shingles vaccine – Not usually given as a child and should be received at 50
        • Tdap – You probably received as a child and this needs to be renewed every 10 years. If you don’t remember if you have gotten it or not within the past 10 years, you can get it again and it’s safe as long as you didn’t get it as recently as a year ago.

        When in doubt, ask your doctor during your next checkup

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        Thank you! I think my question was misunderstood though. I meant, in an evacuation or relocation type of scenario, if they were to check records for things like measles, tetanus, covid, etc. Do you think they would want records for adults from their childhood or just like the last 10 years? I have all of my kids records, but my husband and I only have the last 10 years of records. 

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        Good afternoon Brekke,

        My 2 shots / jabs worth of a reply;

        In an evac, from my experience, no records from childhood years needed.

        Evacs are problems now due the social distancing rule on top of the already messy evac.

        I doubt any responder would even need info on the basics like tetanus, TDAP, Shingles.

        Do carry the COVID-19 record(s) with you.