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Hi folks,

Quick question: is there anything along the lines of a “most recently updated” list on this wonderful site? I’d really love a way to quickly check which new articles have been posted and which old articles have been updated, especially as it’s unlikely I’ll dive into deeper rereads of gear reviews for stuff I’ve already purchased/practiced using. I’m not sure if this is a very technically challenging thing to accomplish (or if it already exists and I just can’t find it!) but I’d really love to see it. If an example is helpful, I’ll see if I can link one from a site that already has something like that. It’d just be very helpful in terms of keeping up-to-date! I do already receive the newsletter, though that isn’t quite what I’m looking for.



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      I’m not sure if this is perfect/automated, but in case it helps: when you go to the Blog section, or most (all?) individual articles, on a desktop browser at least there is a “featured articles” list on the right side of the screen (on mobile you have to scroll all the way to the bottom).  I’ve noticed new content there first most of the time.

      Generally speaking the Forum seems to get the most turnover in terms of content, though its less formally curated, after that the blog seems to be updated fairly regularly, then it looks like the least frequent updats are the formal long-form gear reviews/guides.  There is also the option to sign up for/opt into the newsletter which tends to highlight new content (I think those aim to be monthly, make sure they clear your spam filter).  I’m not sure what article to cite, but I got the imprsion this site was going for quality over quanitity so i’m not surprised that “new articles” don’t appear too frequently, aside from the blog/forum, but I suspect many of the basics don’t really change and I gather that the contributors try and research things before posting.

      I too would find an automated “recent updates” section useful, in case the “featured articles” i mentioned is manually updated. 

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      They post most of the content on Reddit as well if you’re looking for a rundown by date. Updates to the longer articles aren’t included though.


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      Thanks so much for talking about how to make The Prepared more awesome! 

      No, there is not a distinct “recently updated” section on the site, but there will be soon. It was only recently that we got to the point there were too many articles to just list them all on the homepage, plus now we’re old enough as a project to have started updating older posts.

      So it’s time we solve the problem you’ve identified. Would love to solve it today — it’s not technically difficult / we’ve already laid the foundation, we’re just swamped with other projects like this new forum, the kits app, and our upcoming video courses. But I hope to redesign the homepage and add the things you asked for by the end of next month 🙂 

      Edit to add: Our facebook page or twitter are other areas we tend to share any new posts/updates http://facebook.com/homeofThePrepared http://twitter.com/ThePrepared