Catalogs with A+ tech information

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The catalogs with high-quality and expensive products can also be loaded with high-quality technical information.

One example is:  https://www.streamlight.com/ecatalog/2020FullLineCatalog/index.html

DISCLAIMER: Not making recommendations or have any interest in company. I do use some of their products.

At above link – hopefully it hyperlinks – is a half page chart titled “Different Lights For Different Hazardous Locations”.  This tech info is super because it is to the point and product examples explain and clarify.


Recently I posted a link to Forestry Suppliers of Jackson, Mississippi with their tech info in catalog.

Some of the industrial safety products catalogs have charts on eg explaining the catagories of face masks like the 3M N-95 to the P-100.

As I get to my pulp catalogs, will post those with decent web links with tech info.  Again:  I am not “pushing” ant company or products.

~ Bob


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      Above links to some face mask comparison charts.

      Worth viewing.

      People have so many variables … with young children, with older partner having ailment, etc.

      I’m old but have immunity against COVID19 since I had a SARS infection a few years ago in the Middle Kingdom.  My current face mask is a D-I-Y goggles with attached copper-impregnated cloth to cover nose and mouth.  The cooper is said to kill ~ 88-90% of the virus.  Various unsettled views on eye protection.  I believe in it because of my personal condition and circumstances.

      I do have a couple of P-100s in case meeting with grandchildren.

      Again, many variables and much requires discussing with health care professionals.

      ~ Bob 

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      Catalogs like this can be valuable to understand different products on the market, how they compare to others, and their stats. 

      There are a few nuggets hidden in manufacturer data that can be useful to our prepper knowledge. I can see a solar panel company putting out a catalog or information on their website about their panels helping people to understand basic electronics and what their power consumption needs are.

      That is a good prepping skill, being observant and finding useful information in the smallest details and unusual places.