Car transport of extra gasoline containers


Good afternoon,

Preface:  Gas cans in car can become dangerous.  Use max caution and prudence.

Am using above link to start a thread of loading, refilling and safely hauling 1 to 4 gasoline containers.  Believe the basic maximum amount is 4 containers of 5 gal each.  Can also guess various states allow for larger quanties.  Thus the required research for the planning.

Ref the link’s number 7; Consider carrying your own rags to wet with water and wipe down the filled container(s). Then throw away the rag used per fill and refill. Place emphasis on the nozzle section fitting of the container.

The link mentions when filling to have an extinguisher nearby.  When transporting, recommend a fire extinguisher in the vehicle.


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      Been learnin this week about portable gas cans and proper techniques to fillin them. Don’t wanna be like this fellow https://www.thedrive.com/news/40596/hummer-erupts-in-flames-just-feet-from-gas-pump-after-stockpiling-fuel-in-the-trunk

      So I appreciate the link sir. So you recommend havin a throw away rag and get it wet and then wipe down the can and throw it in the trash? Glad you mentioned that, I was thinkin about it and probably would have used a napkin to wipe the container. Gasoline soaked napkins in a trash can could lead to some bad mishaps.

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      I’ve always had pickup trucks, so I never considered this.  With my diesel tractor & my gas powered Gator & mower, I fill a lot of 5 gallon plastic containers.  I filled 4 diesel & 1 gas just yesterday.  I just can’t imagine putting something so hazardous inside a car… with a person inside.  If I didn’t have a truck, I would most certainly use a small trailer.  All those safety steps listed are nice but dang, it is still very dangerous.

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        A pickup truck certainly would be much safer than puttin cans inside the cabin of your car or SUV.

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        What equipment do you all have that uses gasoline? Redneck here mentioned a few that he has. I only have a gas mower and leaf blower, my trimmer is electric. 

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        I also have gas powered push mower, chain saws, weed trimmer & pole saw, however I haven’t used any of those in years.  Now I use the battery powered versions of each.

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        For someone who doesn’t have a chain saw or a pole saw, do you recommend me getting a gas or battery powered version to start out with? Seems like the battery versions meet all your needs.

        And to answer your question, I just have a gas push mower myself Mike.

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        I strongly recommend battery powered tools for your home.  They are so much more convenient with much less problems.  Before going battery, it was always hit or miss if the chainsaw would start and often, if it did, I’d be worn out from the effort.  Battery units start immediately and are soooo quiet.   These modern batteries last a very long time and if you have a spare, you double your run time.  I mainly use EGO.  I have their push mower, chainsaw & weed eater.  They all use the same battery, which is very convenient.  The chainsaw & weed eater have very long run times on a single battery.  I almost never need to switch out, even on my 20 acre spread.  The push mower uses more power, so it is good for only small yards.

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        Good morning Mike,

        My pickup truck has a gasoline engine and my inflatable boat has a gasoline engine.

        For comprehensiveness, somewhere here is a small field stove that can use just about all fuels by changing values. Of course it burns overseas gasoline with sulfur.

        My thread anticipated a focus to an emergency evacuation by car. It is dangerous to carry a gas can inside vehicle but just working the reality of situations.  That Hummer (pictured nearby and posted by Roland [?] consumed in fire last week is a classic illustration. At least no small kids were in vehicle.

        Related to this near-guaranteed danger of carrying a gas can inside a car is traveling alone in this car.

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        I saw Roland’s post up there and saw a similar news article today: Woman Bursts Into Flames After Rolling Car Full Of Hoarded Gas

        Don’t mess with gasoline

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      Good morning Bob,

      Thank you for posting this re vehicle transport of extra gasoline containers.

      It is very likely that you saved some lives with this post.

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        Good afternoon Ubique,

        Appreciate reading the mention.

        Do hope lives get saved.