Can you make a better BOB than those cheap pre-made ones on Amazon?

My sister sent me a link to a 72 hour kit on Amazon by Ready America, asking me if that is a good emergency bug out bag for her and her husband.

My first reaction was NO! Those cheap pre-made emergency kits are made with subpar materials, are easily marked up more than double, and you can easily make a cheaper bag with higher quality items on your own. Right?

Well, I tried to piece together a cheaper bug out bag for them, and it was actually pretty hard. Click on the “View Full Kit” button below to read more about what I learned while trying to copy this 72 hour bag.

My challenge for you guys is: Can you make a cheaper bug out bag with similar items? 

Also, what other cheap items would you add to this? Sure you can easily put in a solar panel, stove, and many other expensive items. But try and keep it cheap and very very beginner to prepper or not a prepper at all friendly.


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      The fundamental problem with this kit is that  it is grossly inadequate; therefor the cost is irrelevant. You can do better easily by rounding up household items you already possess and then purchasing what might be missing.

      When you use your BOB, you will be glad you spent whatever the assemblage cost.  It always pays to buy quality, but remember, quality is not the same as expensive.

      Almost any flashlight will be better than the two lightsticks which are unreliable and dim.  There is not enough water.  Fill you canteen with tap water – one gallon per day more in hotter climates.  There is no allowance for different climates or seasons’

      This junky collection is a very ad joke.