Can you just use bleach for safe long-term water storage?

I have a question,

I have a few water totes and barrels. Can a guy just use bleach for long-term water storage, keep it out of the elements, and how long will that last? Do you have to use aquamira?


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      Hey Kole, welcome to the site! Hope you don’t mind me expanding the title of your post to clarify what this topic is about.

      You do not have to use aquamira for long term water storage. A new bottle of bleach is much cheaper and is available at any store. 

      There’s a forum post I want to direct you to that is a much better resource of knowledge than anything I could say:  Filling 5 Gallon Water Jugs – From the Tap or Filtered?

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      As long as the bleach that you use is normal unscented household bleach without thickening additives. Just 8 drops of normal thin bleach per gallon and leave it until the chlorine smell goes off.